MP should be more concerned about houses than beer

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I had a wry smile at the Advertiser of June 19th.

A couple of stories linked quite nicely with regards to our MP.

The first one about inviting the Secretary of State “for a pint”, the second about him being delighted on being re-elected president of the Parliamentary Beer Group – isn’t this the same person who’s just been through a long trial on all manner of alcohol-fuelled activities?

Secondly, a smiling Mr Evans is pictured under a banner stating “Foster a child in Lancashire”.

Not that that isn’t an important subject (a photo opportunity perhaps?), but could I suggest he does a similar with one saying “Stop building houses in the Ribble Valley” before most of the greenery disappears under Tarmac and concrete?

The front page story is all about 275 more homes coming our way – then the property supplement inside with 25 – yes 25 – pages of houses for sale, and that’s only a selection of what will be on estate agents’ books.

Evans above, where’s it going to end!

Paul Humphreys,

by email