MP up to old tricks over bus station signs

Burnley Bus Station. G160212/2b
Burnley Bus Station. G160212/2b
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I certainly feel extremely strongly that the article in last Tuesday’s Express re: the bus timetable signs should be exposed for the sham it really is.

Once again, just before an election, this MP is attempting to take credit for the work of others and it should not be allowed. This is the sort of thing the national parties are trying to outlaw.

Let me say this, while it is perfectly true a petition was raised to have the sign switched back on by Lancashire County Council, a council by the way which was run as a coalition between the Conservatives and Lib-Dems, his party refused categorically to reinstate the timetable and so the status quo was retained without any further demands from our Lib-Dem MP. Indeed, he appeared to accept the situation quite willingly.

However, the make-up of Lancashire County Council has since changed and, as a result, the Conservative/Lib-Dem Coalition is no more, the council is now Lab/Lib-Dem, and a sign has now been reinstated. I say a sign because it is not the original sign but a totally new one paid for by Burnley Council’s growth fund. The current council did indeed listen to the people of Burnley and, as a result, made the cash available. However, it most certainly was not a result of the MP’s petition.

So there we have it, our MP is up to his old tricks again, trying to take credit for the work of other people and flowering it up in such a way as to make people believe it is a direct result of a petition set up by him, thereby making himself look good in the eyes of the population. Don’t believe it. Remember the schools, the college and university campus, plus the St Peter’s Centre, none of which were down to him.

Mr K. Royle