My tips for keeping our town clean and tidy

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Just to say a few words on last week’s Express on dirty back yards and dog fouling.

Firstly, why not have a proper, small, blue bin for recycling instead of the blue boxes, most of which do not have a lid and when windy, are blown all over the streets and blow in front of cars, which is a danger to drivers. At least a small bin will not blow away and bottles and cans will not be all over the place.

Also, speaking on rubbish, how many letters have been put through letter boxes to say black bin bags will not be picked up and how can they clean back streets with bins left out? They should be fined if they have already had letters about taking them in.

Dog fouling is a big issue in the Bankhall area and the paths need a sweep. They are disgusting. You do not know what you are walking in. Some of the residents here in Duke Bar do report issues because they are passionate about where they live.

Landlords also need to take responsibility for their properties by writing in their contracts when they rent out their houses to say if they have moved out. Their house has to be left clean and tidy. This will save a lot of work for the council.

Graffiti on the green boxes in Cleaver Street, Colne Road, Ivy Street and the back of Lidl is an eyesore.

Mrs Ceridwen Chapman

9 Pheasantford Green