Parking rules are simply crazy

Resident Only Parking
Resident Only Parking

I write in regard to the absolutely pathetic bureaucracy that so often goes hand in hand with local government.

My father recently applied for a disabled parking space outside his Nelson home. I will point out a few things as to why this is a must: my dad is 92, my mother 91, they both have severe mobility problems and are both blue badge holders.

There is a car sales plot opposite and, quite understandably, customers park nearby, usually outside my parents’ home. It is a resident-only parking street (council permit only), which we have. The parking regulation on this street is only half-heartedly applied, adding to the problem.

The reply from Lancashire County Council beggars belief. It requires the property to house the driver. I am their son and their only access to the outside world. When I can’t get near the house for vehicles, I have to carry them, this causing excruciating pain to both.

Good luck when you get old Christopher Nolan (engineer, traffic management). You couldn’t manage to shove a butty in a pig’s mouth.

M.J. Rickards

Rakeshouse Road, Nelson