Please show us some respect and listen

Burnley Town Hall, by Peter Seavers
Burnley Town Hall, by Peter Seavers
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The people of Duke Bar would probably say I am outspoken but honest.

And yet again I have got to express my concerns over how our councillors here in Bank Hall, the very people we pay to help us, can suddenly start to ignore you after working alongside you for years. I also cannot believe the attitude of some of the officials at Streetscene. Could this be a case of “we all stick together” - I think so.

Well, if caring for the area where you live and was raised is so wrong I could understand all this nonsense, but to be labelled a troublemaker is not only wrong but very hurtful. So if I may suggest to all these people, as they do get paid out of the public purse, please put on your listening ears for once. Treat honest people like myself, who put you in your positions of trust, with a little respect please. We all are supposed to want the same things for our area and town.

Brian Tomlinson

Cobden Street, Burnle