Poem: A slimmer’s lament

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She rocked to her seat with a smile on her face,

As a grease-laden fish and chip plate she eagerly did face.

Obesity is the greatest threat to health world wide.

A hard hitting campaign against it we must decide.

Fruit juice is definitely a No! No!

As into your body too much sugar will go.

Five table spoon-fulls of sugar in one large drink!

Before devouring it stop and think.

Juice drinks have been singled out as a serious concern,

Lacking in fibre and high in calories we must learn.

If you are going to drink please dilute,

Or swop it for a real piece of fruit.

Food and drink firms promise to make their products more healthy,

But setting out their own rules and making them wealthy.

For numerous takeaways who do we have to thank?

Is Dracula in charge of our blood bank?

Lifted from the table where she had sat,

I can’t believe she’s eaten all that.

Assisted to the car empty fruit juice bottle in hand,

Booked in next week for a gastric band.

Hugh Davies