Poem: A tribute to Deidre

Coronation Street actress Anne Kirkbrid. Photo: Peter Byrne/PA Wire
Coronation Street actress Anne Kirkbrid. Photo: Peter Byrne/PA Wire
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Anne was born in Oldham on June 21st 1954,

For 43 years she trod the Coronation Street cobbled floor.

Our lives as Deirdre you constantly kissed,

A massive part of our past, you will be sadly missed.

The cobbles of the Street will be left empty,

But our fond memories on each stone are aplenty.

A truly loyal servant to the show,

So sad to see you so soon go.

You brought light and laughter into all your parts,

A true woman of our times who captured our hearts.

We followed your trials and tribulations in a make-believe world,

With utter fascination as each one unfurled.

You lived every age of the British woman and wife,

With some element of their predicament and struggle in life.

An impeccable performer with a brain so resilient,

Read a script once, performed word perfect, utterly brilliant!

You loved your family and treasured your roots

Many in your profession aspired to be in your boots.

You might have been a cleaner had fate been mean,

You occasionally cleaned the Granada toilet after a scene.

Memory tears flow as your act suddenly departs,

Sleep tight lovely lady ,live on in our hearts.

Hugh Davies