Poem: Religious Xmas cards have disappeared

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Went for some cards for some church friends of mine:

A bit religious I thought’d be fine.

No miracles or pictures of folk being martyred,

Just a nod in t’direction of where it all started.

There were robins and snowstorms and Santas galore:

Nowt wrong wi’ all them but some folk want more.

I’m not hard to suit, just the manger or such

Or t’shepherds or t’three kings: it’s not asking much.

And have we really come to such a pass,

We can’t even manage an ox or an ass?

They’d cards from t’dog and cards from t’pet cat:

Do folk pay good money for summat like that?

Beg pardon if somewhere they do sell church stuff

But by t’tenth shop th’owd legs had just had enough.

Might make card shops think if they read this letter,

And who knows next year they might do a bit better.

Burnley resident