Privatising Royal Mail was never a good idea

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People in Burnley and Padiham will rightly be asking what the Tories and Lib Dems were thinking of when they sold off the Royal Mail for such a ridiculously low price.

Privatising the Royal Mail was never a good idea and we are all paying the price. Already this week stamp prices have been hiked up in above-inflation price rises while families are being hit by a cost of living crisis, and now we hear business secretary Vince Cable has wasted £750m. I strongly opposed the sale from the outset in the same way I opposed the sell off of Burnley’s Crown post office.

The only winners are city traders who saw their shares rise in value by 38%. The Government has shown quite clearly where its priorities are and it is certainly not with the people of Burnley and Padiham.

Coun. Julie Cooper

Burnley Parliamentary Labour candidate