RAF will be greatly under-employed

Typhoon fighter jet. Photo: Stefan Wermuth/PA Wire
Typhoon fighter jet. Photo: Stefan Wermuth/PA Wire
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Compensation for female RAF recruits suffering from marching again shows the RAF is out of step with the other services.

It is surely a story for April Fool’s Day, the day the RAF was founded in 1918. History, indeed, may have recorded Churchill incorrectly when he said never was so much owed by so many to so few. Paid, not owed, perhaps?

After withdrawal from Afghanistan next year, the RAF will have four Typhoons based overseas and, in the UK, 220 combat jets, along with 650 support aircraft, will be based at over 20 RAF air stations manned by 34,000 air force personnel. The RAF will be considerably under-employed by the end of 2014. RAF personnel marching out of air station gates to Civvy Street should be the order of the day.

Lester May

Camden Town