Road is an accident waiting to happen

20 mph signs.
20 mph signs.
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I was very pleased when I saw that Lakeland Way had been made a 20mph zone, as in the 20-plus years I have lived on the estate it had become a busy thoroughfare for racing drivers.

Unfortunately, it seems to have had no effect whatsoever! Drivers take it upon themselves to travel from one end of Lakeland Way to the other as fast as possible and do not seem to like doing less than 35 mph.

I am amazed there have not been accidents over the years with lots of children and elderly people living on the estate.

The speed limit is there for a reason – to stop idiot drivers abusing the road.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and it’s not a big hassle to actually drive at 20 mph – it just means they will be 30 seconds later for their tea. Come on motorists, be more careful and actually follow the rules of the road – it won’t kill you!

Infuriated resident