Root-and-branch investigation of hospitals needed

Burnley General Hospital. (s)
Burnley General Hospital. (s)
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The Express kindly published a letter I wrote concerning our local hospital and why it’s been taken out of special measures!

Prof. Mike Richards felt East Lancs Trust had turned a corner. The culture was changing and staff were proud to work for the NHS.

Having worked for the Trust some time ago, I am still in touch with several ex-colleagues and can assure Prof. Richards nothing could be further from the truth.

As I pointed out previously, David Prior (Chairman of the CQC) uncovered the real problems in the NHS behind the smokescreen portrayed by Mr Jim Burrell (Interim Chief Exec) and Prof. Richards.

I also mentioned previously that it might be an idea for Mr Prior to do a root and branch investigation at the East Lancs Trust with regard to the bullying culture that still very much exists.

I wrote to Prof. Richards, who is based in Newcastle, some time ago with an in-depth report on this issue and, of course, got no reply.

Many thanks to Miss Marie Cooney from Padiham for taking the trouble to write to the Express with a list of disgraceful events that occurred during her stay at Blackburn Hospital. It was interesting to note Miss Cooney’s experience was not just a personal one; she again took the trouble to get permission from several other patients who also went through this horrendous experience.

So, with this in mind, I wonder if Prof. Richards could publish a detailed account of the changes that have occurred in the last few months that caused him and his team to take our hospital out of special measures?

I’m sure the Express would be more than happy to publish such a list to negate the experiences and perceptions of local people.

Who’s got it right Prof. Richards, you or your Chairman David Prior?

I wait with anticipation for some sort of response.

Mr M. Kilbride

Kingsdale Avenue