Rubbish disgrace around our library

Burnley Library
Burnley Library

On October 30th I visited the Central Library, a place I have been going to for at least 60 years.

Outside I was confronted by loads of cans, food containers, crisp bags and paper which were strewn all over the place. The rubbish bin was full to overflowing.

This was an eyesore and a complete disgrace. Not only this, I was at the library about a week before and the same sight met me again, it was as if nothing had been touched. What is going on here?

This building is one of the most important places to the town and deserves better than this. Do the staff at the library not monitor this disgrace and report it to the relevant authorities? Or do they say it is not their job?

What would happen if this rubbish was all over the town hall steps or at the front door of the police station or outside the doors of the council offices in Parker Lane? I am sure this would be attended to as soon as possible.

Young people and children congregate around the seating area and are sprawled on the top as well. Can someone tell them to keep this area tidy as I am sure they are the culprits. Someone from the council needs to clamp down on their behaviour and enforce their authority. Let’s get the library looking decent again.

Mr B. Whittaker

Manchester Road, Burnley.