Sad death of Clitheroe Market cat

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I’m sure that many of your readers will be sad to hear that Po, former Clitheroe Market Cat, passed away peacefully at the weekend.

She was the grand old age of 17 and, for many years, was a big presence on Clitheroe Market, greeting visitors to the town and snoozing away the day in the cat beds on display at the pet stall.

Both she and her sister La La were like permanent fixtures on the market.

La La was unfortunately run over and killed a few years ago in Station Road, ironically while she was using the zebra crossing, which she had done many times before.

In recent years Po had started to wander and had decided she liked sleeping in the window display at Ken Varey’s, so much so the staff grew very fond of her and were upset when she moved on.

Shortly after that she disappeared and, thanks to an appeal in the Advertiser, was found safe and well by a Clitheroe resident who had found her wandering in the pouring rain in Booths car park and taken her home. It was clear she was getting old and confused.

And so it was decided my sister, who is good friends with Po’s owner, would adopt Po and rehome her in a rural cul-de-sac in Low Moor, where she has been living and snoozing for the past couple of years.

Despite being very old and frail, she has spent her last days in the lap of luxury and enjoyed a comfortable retirement. She slipped away very quietly and peacefully in the early hours of Saturday, in the company of and tended to by my Mum and Sister.

I’m sure there must be many, many people, both residents of Clitheroe and visitors to the town, who remember Po; who either stopped to watch her “demonstrating” the cat beds or to give her a friendly stroke, which she was always glad to accept.

She was a lovely little character and a great little mascot for the town.

David Watson,