Schools should promote five-a-day campaign

Braeburn apples. Photo: Joe Giddens/PA Wire
Braeburn apples. Photo: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

I think it’s a shame Mr Nuttall did not do his research.

Semi-skimmed cow’s milk (which is what Michael Gove recommended in his guidelines) contains just 1mg of vitamin C per 100g. Before his departure, Gove recommended a 150ml glass (1.5mg vitamin C) for schools. Children aged 1-10 need 30mg of vitamin C per day, so the milk would supply just 5% of their daily requirement.

They would be much better off with an apple or an orange; four out of five children are eating less than the recommended five portions of fruits and vegetables a day.

This Government (and UKIP) should be focusing on promoting the five-a-day campaign, about which there is no controversy.

Dr Justine Butler