Shop sign is eyesore in centre of Barrowford

Morrisons M Local
Morrisons M Local
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On a recent visit to the village centre in Barrowford I horrified at the signage Morrisons has now erected in Gisburn Road.

Firstly, I fail to understand how planning for their new store was ever granted, given that it is immediately adjacent to the Spar shop that has served Barrowford well for many years, including on Christmas Day; and also that we are going to have a Booths supermarket later in the year as well; and also that Morrisons have a supermarket only five minutes down the road. Who on earth thought this was all a good idea in a place the size of Barrowford?

I walked from the chemist to the Spar shop and back, and both ways Gisburn Road is now dominated by this new sign that stands in front of a long stretch of the property line in that area.

I recall being at a planning meeting a few years ago and one of the shops on the other side of Gisburn Road was wanting to put roller shutters on their windows as they had had two break-ins but it was refused as it wasn’t in keeping with the village.

Has that all gone out of the window? Or are Morrisons just riding roughshod over Barrowford?

I suppose we’re stuck with the shop now, although I won’t use it on principle. But this sign is an eyesore and a disgrace and completely out of character, and I am seriously considering starting a petition to get it removed or at least moved back behind the property line.

Beryl Horrocks