Sir Arthur Wellesley would be spinning in his grave

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May I not just vent but give my spleen a damned good airing. On Saturday, January 18th, Padiham FC were due to entertain Burscough at the Arbories. However, the Health and Safety Executive (Cotton Wool Wrapping Brigade) along with the match referee, had different ideas and the match was postponed.

Next year, June 15th marks the 200-year anniversary of a battle which started at Quatre Bras and more famously ended at Waterloo. Sir Arthur Wellesley, affectionately referred to as “the Peer”, together with the Prussian Marshall Blucher, not only dispatched but imprisoned the squat Corsican upstart. Said upstart wasn’t trying to conquer through any Frankish ideals but to create “one judiciary, one country, one Europe; a European system”. Now, I know I witter before getting to the point!

There was no need, whatsoever, to postpone that game. The decision was imposed, enforced and dictated to us by a self-opinionated, self-regulating, self-satisfied (between the lines, readers take note) Government-sanctioned body, i.e. the “Cotton Wool Wrapping Brigade”. The pitch was not only playable but in perfect condition. “The Peer” would be spinning like a sow on a spit right now if he knew everything he fought against and all he fought for would be just surrendered pitifully to the upstart’s stupidity in order to create an inept, inadequate, in debt, insignificant union.

Sir Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, I, for one, will be forever in your debt. May you rest in peace.

Phil Martin