Spare a thought for those who suffered lingering deaths


There has been a lot of fuss about neglect of WWI casualty graves, but those who suffered lingering deaths as a consequence of the war are ignored completely.

The person giving the WWI Lancashire Libraries talk at Clitheroe confirmed my suspicion they were not included.

An uncle served in WWI and was “gassed”. He was unable to go back to work in a “dusty” cotton mill so got employment as a porter at Blackburn Railway Station. He did not survive beyond 1921, a couple of decades before my birth. His parents had a large framed photo of him in uniform dominating their living room.

He has no memorial and I’m not sure where he was interred – I suspect at Blackburn’s Whalley New Road cemetery, close to the Brownhill Drive entrance. I am probably the only one who “remembers”. If my cousin still survives she may also “remember”.

Mr Robert Shaw,

York Street, Clitheroe