The election campaign has started already

William Hague
William Hague
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The Conservatives are certainly giving the impression they are now seriously Eurosceptic when referring to the European Union. In fact, some of their rhetoric sounds quite macho. William Hague has stated Labour displayed “astonishing arrogance and short-sighted stupidity” to enshrine the Lisbon Treaty into British law.

He obviously has a short memory, as his boss David Cameron gave a cast iron promise to hold a referendum if he became Prime Minister, and over two years on, he’s promising to have it only if he gets re-elected in 2015 and then not before 2017.

As for British law surely William Hague must be aware that over 75% of it is now made in Brussels.

Yes, the election campaign has started and as usual they are trying to mislead the electorate. They think everyone still believes them.

Philip Griffiths

UKIP North-West Chairman