The man who saved the Prairie playing fields

Prairie Playing Fields in Burnley.'Photo Ben Parsons
Prairie Playing Fields in Burnley.'Photo Ben Parsons
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A council-led project progressing well. I would just like to say Burnley Council must think Burnley people have short memories.

In 1999 the council deemed the Prairie playing fields surplus to requirement.

If it had not been for a certain number of people - a certain Mr John Denson, myself and a number of others - the Prairie would be no more. I wrote to the Sport Minister Kate Hoey MP at the time. The reply states: “I understand Burnley Council has identified the land surplus to requirements and has agreed a 150-year lease with a sports club”. The moral of this story is that, but for Mr John Denson, who is no longer with us and a 2,500 named petition, we would no longer have the Prairie.

So, as for as the council taking all the glory, far from it. When this project is finished it would be a fitting tribute to a plaque with Mr John Denson’s name on it. The man who saved the Prairie.

Peter Ingham

Sycamore Avenue