‘Too posh for tramps; comment by lawyer, not newspaper

Gavin Whalley aat Blackburn Magistrates Court
Gavin Whalley aat Blackburn Magistrates Court
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The officer, as reported in the main headline last week, was on his way to work when approached by Mr Whalley and “not apparently at a loose end that morning”, as suggested by a reader.

On the subject of Mr Whalley there seems to be two sides to the “debate”: First, there are people who genuinely do feel intimidated on being approached in whatever manner on what had become a regular, almost daily basis at times.

Second, and most importantly, it is more than obvious Mr Whalley requires help and support regarding his future as much for his own wellbeing and safety as anything.

The people of the Ribble Valley have an outstanding record regarding their efforts for charity. No justification of that fact is necessary.

Making this story the lead headline must have caused yet more pain for his family.

But I do agree with the Editor’s comment that the scurrilous paragraph regarding “the police’s perception is that people in the Ribble Valley are too posh to have tramps” was made by his legal representative and not by the Clitheroe Advertiser and Times.

S. Penson,

by email