Trackside maintenance is long overdue

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A few weeks ago I had occasion to visit the Citizen’s Advice Bureau office and, when walking home, thought I’d check out a few things, starting with Trinity Methodist Church refurbishment.

What an excellent job done here, sadly let down though where a few more pounds would have brought the sign above the entrance up to spec.

Continuing on to the castle field, the newly-refurbished toilet block took the eye. I can’t think of any other toilet facilities where an actual working clock is embedded in the structure.

Making use of the facility, it was a pleasure to see, internally, the good job done there. Let’s hope it can be kept in “pristine” condition.

Finally, my walk along the field to Eshton Terrace exposed how much the trackside undergrowth is gradually undermining the boundary wall pushing, in five or six places, the wall out straight.

In the knowledge that Railtrack is undertaking long-overdue trackside maintenance, at the moment, I thought it would now be an ideal time for the council to approach Railtrack to clear this trackside forest before the wall succumbs to nature.

Speaking to the council, Dave Hewitt enlightened me that only last year approaches had been made to Railtrack about this matter, but they didn’t see it as a priority.

Let’s hope they’ve got good insurance cover in case it actually does finally “keel over”. After all, it is their responsibility and not to be climbed on.

George Reynolds

Bonnygrass Terrace, Clitheroe