We can hlp councils save money

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Councils in England were warned recently there was a real danger they could run out of money.

This is tough news: councils are faced with an ever-increasing need to find savings. Sadly, in many cases, that is leading to a reduction in much-needed front-line services.

Surely there must be another way?

I would invite councils to explore the savings to be made through improved efficiency within their technology systems, rather than simply making service cuts.

They may be surprised by the results.

Managing social care payments is just one area where significant savings can be made.

We know this first-hand having worked with various councils to develop a sophisticated card management system to distribute social care payments with greater efficiency and transparency – and in turn this leads to real monetary savings from day one.

We worked closely with our council clients to help them deliver their very clear objectives of using technology to improve services and save costs, not just in year one but every year.

Councils may well have different requirements but what’s important for them to remember is there are cost-effective, non-disruptive and compliant technology platforms to suit each individual requirement.

It is saddening to think front-line services are being cut to make savings that could be made elsewhere. I am confident we can help any council to find savings in their payment systems and, as such, would like to offer a free consultation to every UK council.

Hayley Moran

Director of Aquarium Card Management Solutions Limited