We could have had best low-level trans-Pennine road

Traffic on the busy North Valley Road.
Traffic on the busy North Valley Road.

I could not help but think Mr Pendle had hit the nail on the head with his views on the Foulridge bypass debate.

Thirty five years ago, the M65 extension was about to go ahead, the land had been bought and the route along South Valley and parallel to the A6068 to Crosshills had been planned. Almost single-handedly a Liberal councillor, since ennobled, who happened to live in Winewall, kiboshed the scheme, condemning Colne to industrial stagnation and traffic chaos.

Consequently, the road to nowhere now discharges all its traffic the wrong side of Colne when it could have been the best low-level trans-Pennine route. Anybody arguing that Colne is the destination for the traffic needs only sit in Birtwistle Avenue or go to Earby or Crosshills to see the volume of through traffic from Colne to realise this is nonsense.

All along the M65 corridor, industry has flourished until you get to Colne. Tinkering with traffic lights and roundabouts will make no difference for the foreseeable future and I wouldn’t hold your breath. Those travelling through Colne should expect a long wait.

Duncan Read