We deserve better of cricket club

Colne Cricket Club
Colne Cricket Club
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I refer to your recent story that Colne Cricket Cub may have to close.

That would be a shame. OK, I do not like watching cricket myself but that’s not the point. Many people do enjoy it. Also by having a cricket club with a long and valiant history is a source of pride for our town and promotes it to visitors therefore helping businesses too. Also there is a function room that holds parties for receptions and celebrations etc.

What a pity the committee decided to keep the club function room open despite having no running water this weekend (rumour has it they had not paid their water bill, however, I do realise this could just be an erroneous assumption by some and the lack of water facilities might be down to a technical issue). Not very hygienic and caused a great disgust to many of the hundred or so guests attending on Saturday. Not a good public relations exercise was it? Coupled with my own experience of a very unhygienic kitchen one day last year.

So come on committee, redeem yourselves! No need to splash out on new decorations if you can’t afford it but get the water back on, give it a good clean, then keep it clean.

Then appeal for support to give this town of ours and this area the great institution it deserves.

Save Colne Cricket Club.