We need action, not words, after budget

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If I may comment on an article in the Express, “Council tax is set to rise”. Can I firstly say a lot of people would not mind this if they could actually see something for their money, but it’s just the same old things every time there is a council budget.

I think people would like to see action for a change instead of words. It’s the same old thing every time there is a council budget. They talk of cleaning up the borough but nothing ever changes. Well it doesn’t here in Bank Hall anyway.

The article goes on to say there will be £25,000 for the re-lettering of 17 war memorials, and as much as I think war heroes should not be forgotten, this is a lot of money. Surely the Royal British Legion could help with this one as they are always telling us they do well with the Poppy Appeal. I’m sure they would help out.

Also, the article says they support keeping the PCSOs, and this is just my opinion on this one, I would like to see more officers on the street and no PCSOs as I think they are as much use as a chocolate fireguard up here in Bank Hall.

If I may finish by saying to our council leaders, why not start by getting shut of some of your higher paid people at the top of the council and use some foot soldiers (so to speak) out here.

Or maybe get some of the so-called people at the top off their bottoms and out of their offices, out in the real world where things don’t happen like they put on paper.

Brian Tomlinson