We’ve had enough of youths’ midnight antics

Police officer
Police officer
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Why are youths hanging around our properties in Marles Court and Pheasantford Green? It’s been going on for years and nothing has been done about them being here at different times, during afternoons, teatimes and nights, from 11pm right through till one or two in the morning, disturbing residents’ sleep. We have to move them on.

I spoke to the police a number of times about what has been happening.

I text them because they do not answer their phones. They will patrol until the early hours but the youths are running around on roofs. Gangs are outside our windows and even on the substation.

I also spoke about it to councillors and rang Calico.

Would the police and councillors like it?

No, I do not think so. Residents in this part of Bankhall have just had enough.

Fed up, elderly resident