What is editorial reasoning behind MP’s photo?

Andrew Stephenson MP
Andrew Stephenson MP
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How strange – given that your paper is increasingly known as Andrew Stephenson’s photo album – that our MP should be missing from the photo accompanying your article on November 8th, “Questions in the House over Aziz”.

Wasn’t it just in the previous week’s edition the same photo from Downing Street was used showing Mr Stephenson standing to the right of Coun. Aziz?

And since our MP was reported as recommending Coun. Aziz for this event, it seems odd you did not ask him his opinion on the situation.

It would be interesting to know the editorial reasoning behind this reticence.

Was it some sort of quid pro quo for the front page story in the Nelson Leader about the bedroom tax?

Or was it simply that anything that could show our MP in a bad light gets downplayed?

Readers may wonder if a similar story concerning a Labour MP would be relegated to the inside pages and treated in such a gentle way.

Robert Oliver


The reason Andrew Stephenson MP was not in the picture used with the story “Questions in the House over Aziz” was simply the fact the story related to questions to the Prime Minister, who was in the picture we used, and the Pendle MP was not mentioned.