Why exactly do we have councillors?

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I have got to start by asking: why do we have councillors? After reporting a problem with a local business many times now and not getting any feedback from him, I had to go to our MP for help. He did something in one week while our councillor had done nothing.

Which now brings me to the question: why can a business continue to operate when the council has sent you a letter and in that letter it states the business had already been refused permission to do what it does, but yet it’s still allowed to continue.

I have got to ask: is this a case of that unfounded, age old saying that councillors take backhanders or are they afraid the old racist card would be played against them?

Either way, there are people out here suffering because of this and the lack of action in upholding the roles and regulations of this town. Why on earth are we paying our council tax when we are clearly not getting the right service?

A very annoyed tax payer