Why weren’t we flying the England flag?

Clitheroe Castle
Clitheroe Castle
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The other week was a total disaster for me which left me frustrated to say the least.

First I had the shock of discovering just how near I was to winning that Euro Lottery of £109m.

I only needed four more numbers and two stars, how near can you get!

The second was the shock of seeing the England team beaten again and then booking an early flight home. If I had a electric oven nearby I would have put my head in it and gassed myself. The shame of it all.

Finally, the one item that deeply shocked and dismayed me was the fact Ribble Valley Borough Council and Clitheroe Town Council failed miserably to provide and fly an English flag at the highest point around Clitheroe – the castle keep.

Questions need to be asked and answered why this has taken place and who was responsible for this insult to the local English people. Heads must roll on this matter regardless of who they may be.

English and proud of it.

Ron Loebell,

Edisford, Clitheroe