Wind farm questions

How much electricty do wind turbines produce?
How much electricty do wind turbines produce?
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I read with interest the article by Dany Robson on the Long Causeway Wind Farm.

I was pleased to note that the newts were safe, that the farmer had a new road and that Burnley had the first share of the electricity from the wind farm (really???)

The article noted the cost of millions but did not say how many millions. It did not mention the subsidy or the carbon footprint or how much electricity would be produced.

Unless these issues are addressed we have no way of knowing if the money and the land could be put to better use to answer our much needed energy requirements.

Could a solar panel array or a shale gas (fracking) scheme give us a better return.

Without these issues being discussed the article is just “hot air”.

M. Jones

Lindsay Park, Burnley