Wind turbine debate: if we don’t agree we are insulted

Wind turbines near Alcan at Ashington.'REF 2402142433
Wind turbines near Alcan at Ashington.'REF 2402142433
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I was impressed the canny Leader-Times editors had given almost as many column centimetres to Mr Roche’s wind turbine submission heading alone as was needed for both Trawden Coun. Taylor’s and my emails querying Mr Roche’s assumptions. This was followed by a further 36cm of Roche text.

The overall impression he vividly continues to convey yet again to the community (all 89,300 of them) is that if they do not agree with him he has the right to insult them, be it individuals or council committees. So time and time again he does just that. Give someone enough rope...

For some years I was in charge of recruitment at a large company.

I must tell Mr Roche that, on his track record to date, any application for a selling job at my company would have received a polite but firm rejection.

I must mention Mr Roche’s claim that Coun. Taylor and I hid our contact details.

We did not and, in any case, if Mr Roche had used a bit of initiative, he could have easily found them out, but he did not need them as this was a Leader Times prompted debate to be available to the community (all 89,300 of them).

Not wanting to fill 36cms of Leader-Times’ precious space on Mr Roche’s meanderings, I am going to concentrate on one recent aspect to show our councillors do care and his verbal lashing out is, as I have previously suggested, Don Quixote in reverse.

Last December, the Colne Committee turned down planning applications for wind turbines at Knarr Side, Flass Bent and Piked Edge Farms. There was genuine sympathy shown for the real difficulties of hill farmers by all committee members who spoke. Summing up, Coun. Lord Greaves carefully weighed up the nuances for and against the case and demonstrated his fine grasp of the situation.

All Mr Roche subsequently did was insult the committee. I leave Pendle citizens to draw their own conclusions (all 89,300 of them).

Owen Oliver