Women must take responsibility in rape awareness

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I am annoyed by the promotion of yet another campaign to raise rape awareness which again aims to “educate young men about the law”.

This new campaign shows a male rugby player on one of the posters; surely discriminatory. Both my sons are happy, family men and played rugby for their school and town. Neither would commit an act of violence, particularly against women, but are sadly aware the actions of many young women frequently put both sexes in a position of danger.

Brainwashed as we are in Britain by the socio-liberal, pseudo-feminist man haters who have foisted ludicrous, one-sided political correctness on us, this campaign does not appear to mention the actions of these young women.

These said women should be educated, too: that libertarianism ought not be confused with freedom and its associated personal responsibilities.

Mrs Mary Dickinson,

Widdows Street, Leigh