Wrong signs scupper residents’ parking scheme

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Regarding residents’ parking permits, I have now heard from Pendle Council that no action can be taken against the offending vehicles parked in our street without a valid permit, because the wrong signage is displayed.

Whose fault is that? We beg the question, if the wrong signage is displayed, then surely the council has been obtaining monies for worthless permits under false pretences.

We now need some questions answering and fast. How long has the street had incorrect signage? How many other streets have incorrect signage? What time scale is there for erecting correct signage?

Can you give us assurance that once correct signage is installed action will be taken against offending vehicles?

We do not want to withdraw from the residents’ parking permit scheme, we want a system implementing that will be policed.

Until a time when correct signage is installed and satisfactory policing in place, we are appealing monies to be refunded, not only for this year but for previous years when inappropriate signage was displayed.

We trust Pendle Council will take this matter seriously.

Disgruntled resident