Wrong that charity chiefs accept big wages

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There is no doubt about the commitment and hard work volunteers contribute to fund-raising for a number of charities in the UK, often at some cost to themselves.

But what I fail to understand are those charities who award their executives extraordinary salaries, and those CEOs who are quite willing to accept them.

So, when I saw a sticker on a fund-raising event poster in Sough on behalf of Cancer Research UK, I did some research and found CRUK CEO collected nearly a quarter of a million pounds a year [not including bonuses and non-contributory pension advantages] and nine, yes nine, of his fellow directors get more than the Prime Minister!

How can any charity justify such extravagance with their fund-raisers’ money? Do not accept the excuse they have to pay the going rate to secure quality management. Self-interested managers should not be allowed anywhere near charities as there is an obvious financial conflict in personal gain and those who are in very real need.

M. Gilbert