Youth leader denies sex charges

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A YOUTH leader allegedly had regular secret sex sessions with a schoolgirl who was totally besotted with him, a jury was told.

Married father-of-two John Duffy had intercourse with the girl in a house, his car and at the youth club where he was then a leader. He was said to have spent all night with her when his then wife had just had a baby and was in hospital, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Duffy was alleged to have told the girl they would get married and had shown her holiday brochures of where he said they would go. She allowed him to have sex with her to try and win his love and took part in indecent acts because the defendant was said to have told her that’s what people who loved each other did.

The hearing was told how Duffy’s alleged sessions with the girl had become less frequent and then stopped when he seemed to lose interest in her. The complainant, now in her early thirties and from the Pendle area, went to the police about last July and would say Duffy had ruined her life.

The defendant (50), of Skipton Road, Colne, denies 13 charges of indecent assault, one allegation of gross indecency with a child and eight counts of rape, said to have taken place between June, 1989 and June, 1994.

Miss Alison Mather (prosecuting), told the court the defendant would kiss the girl on the cheek, stroke her hair and tell her how pretty she was and she liked the attention and the way it made her feel.

His alleged behaviour towards her later became more intimate and “it stepped up a level.” Duffy moved from kissing the girl on the cheek to kissing her passionately on the mouth. He would tell her things were difficult with his wife, who didn’t want to do certain sexual acts with him. Miss Mather continued: “He said he and the girl had a future, they were going to get married. He would show her holiday brochures of where they would go. She listened to him and believed him and thought he loved her. She loved him and was completely infatuated with him.”

The prosecutor alleged Duffy then progressed to touching the girl over her clothing and encouraging her to touch him. He then began to touch her under her clothing, giving her money and continuing to speak about their future and how they loved one another.

Miss Mather said when the girl was a year older, Duffy allegedly asked her to perform a sex act on him. She was scared, but again he reassured her. The prosecutor told the jury: “He told her that this was what people who loved one another did. He said his wife didn’t love him enough because she didn’t do this act. In the girl’s head, she will tell you, was ‘If I do it, he will love me more than her.”

Miss Mather said the girl performed a sex act on the defendant as she wanted to please him and his alleged indecent conduct escalated to intercourse. The prosecutor continued: “He wanted to have sex. She wanted him to love her and she allowed it to happen to her.”

The court was told the girl’s mother found some notes she had written about Duffy and put on top of the wardrobe, when she was cleaning. Miss Mather told the jury: “She thought they were just the infatuated fantasies of a teenager. She didn’t do anything. She burned the notes.”

The prosecutor said after Duffy allegedly had sex with the girl one time when she was crying and upset over something that had happened, she thought that was not how she expected things to be. The pair were said to have had sex all night when Duffy’s wife had just given birth.

Miss Mather continued: “It’s then the girl began to think” This is not right. I have loved him. He doesn’t care about me.”

The jury heard the complainant went to the police last year and was interviewed. Duffy was questioned. The prosecutor said: “During the course of that interview, he explained he knew the girl. He denied there had ever been any sexual or romantic relationship between the two of them and said that it was just not true. “