Youth unemployment on the rise

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YOUTH unemployment is continuing to grow in Pendle, according to figures released last week.

The figures show that youth unemployment in Pendle, which was falling prior to May, 2010, has increased since the formation of the Coalition government after the last election.

Despite a recent reported fall in youth unemployment nationally, the numbers of young people out of work in Pendle has increased by 15% since May, 2010 with just under a fifth more young people unemployed in the last year alone.

Alan Manning, North West Regional Secretary for the TUC, said: “These numbers are a further reminder of the consequences of the government’s austerity policies. Young people in Pendle are feeling the effects of these policies and they are paying a heavy price.

“Recent increases in the numbers of young people not in employment, education, or training and of unemployed graduates show that this is a crisis for all young people that must be tackled. We will be campaigning for a better response from the Government and regional coalition MPs.”

A recent survey of trade union members in Pendle found over 80% of those polled said they were unhappy with the Government’s handling of the economy and nearly 90% called for the Government to develop policies that would create jobs, grow the economy and reduce the cost of living. Only 5% of those polled felt the Government’s priority should be deficit reduction.

Mr Manning said: “These survey results reinforce what we’ve heard from the community – local people do not support the austerity policies that Andrew Stephenson has voted for and they are feeling the impact of his decisions.

“Cuts to local services and jobs mean young people cannot find work, shops and factories close and families are struggling to get by. We are asking local people to join our campaign ‘All Together For A Future That Works’ and to ask Andrew Stephenson to invest in measures that will create growth and jobs, not austerity and unemployment.”