Burnley boss Sean Dyche happy with a point at Aston Villa

Sean Dyche felt his side were good value for their 2-2 draw at Aston Villa, after twice coming from behind.

Burnley trailed to an Anwar El Ghazi goal at the break, but after Jay Rodriguez came off the bench to level matters, John McGinn put Villa back in front, for 92 seconds, before Chris Wood’s equaliser.

Jay Rodriguez celebrates his goal

Jay Rodriguez celebrates his goal

Dyche was happy with a point, from an end to end game: “I think we deserved a point, tight game, as many are in the Premier League, both sides overall found moments of quality to affect the game, with four goals from four crosses, four quality goals.

“A bit of a ding dong really, they started with a bit of energy, we thought that, I think the stadium saw it as, not a must-win, it’s too early for that, but an important game, and I understand that, people often do against us.

“Then they go 1-0 up, but our mentality was good, we finished the half well, then we changed the shape - Corky got injured - and the players delivered that particularly well.

“I thought we calmed down the game in the early part of the second half, and the stadium, and we had two or three great chances, that we didn’t take.

“Then we score, they score, and we score again, and it turns into a ding dong, a little bit niggly and close, a bit of tension in the stadium, which I enjoy, so overall, pleased with a point.”

Burnley went 4-2-3-1 at half-time, with Rodriguez on for Jack Cork, playing from the right, with Ashley Barnes on the left, and Dwight McNeill off the front.

Dyche explained: “The change of shape was tactical, but the injury helped us think like that, we thought it needed changing in the first half.

“They play open, expansive, but loose at times, which is risk-reward, if that works for you, you can affect games, as they did at times, but if it works against you - the number of times we countered, if we’d found the key moments...

“Right at the end, Westy clips one over the top and if it’s five yards shorter, Tom is in all kinds of trouble with Woody running on.

“It worked for them to get two goals, but, the open side of it worked for us to get two goals back.

“Overall, the mentality was fantastic again, and that’s an important weapon over a Premier League season.

“Change of shape, personnel to try and change the game, and when it works, it’s nice.

“Today it most definitely did, calmed the stadium down, which was important, and they had a bit of gusto for the last five or six minutes from set pieces and stuff.

“But overall it was a well-earned point.”

Dyche felt all four goals were quality efforts: “Four very good crosses, speaking of ours, Erik has done brilliantly to dig out a cross from there, it’s just about to get away from him and he throws his foot at it, and it’s a beautiful one in that it’s just hanging on the six yard line, and give Jay massive credit, you watch it a long time, and it’s a great header.

“Woody’s, don’t get me wrong, a great goal as well, Jeff fires it into his feet, he gets turned, plays it and drives into the box, and that’s a great thing to see your centre forward do.

“It’s a magnificent cross from Lowts, and a fine header, more instinctive.

“Very good goals for different reasons, equally they will be happy with theirs, one on the counter, poor from us, which was my only gripe, because we’re in a crossing position, and it’s a poor ball, which allows them to counter.

“The second, sometimes it happens, a deep cross and Popey is unlucky, it hits him on the inside of the shin.

“Overall, credit to both sides.”

Burnley survived seven minutes of injury time, as Dyche mused: “It was a funny kind of game. A lot of odd decisions, I don’t think they made a big difference, but the injury time amuses me, apparently we were wasting time, then they score and funnily it slowed down their way, a marvel of the modern game.

“We’re not trying to waste time, neither is anyone, I put the clock on it, how long it takes for us and the opposition to play out from the back, but it’s another little joyous moment for the fans, which makes me laugh...”