Burnley's Chris Wood and Leicester City's Jonny Evans embroiled in debate over controversial VAR decision

Jonny Evans turns the ball in to his own net under pressure from Burnley's Chris Wood, but the goal is chalked off following a VAR check
Jonny Evans turns the ball in to his own net under pressure from Burnley's Chris Wood, but the goal is chalked off following a VAR check

Unsurprisingly, Burnley's Chris Wood and Leicester City's Jonny Evans had differing views of the VAR controversy at the King Power Stadium that sparked a media storm over the weekend.

The former Leeds United striker and the Northern Ireland international were the protagonists in the drama, which unfolded in the final 10 minutes of the Premier League fixture in the East Midlands.

Evans inadvertently bundled the ball into his own net in front of his own fans in the Spion Kop after Kasper Schmeichel had denied New Zealander Wood from Matt Lowton's peach of a pass.

While the Clarets celebrated what could have been another point on the road, the Foxes centre back protested to referee Jon Moss, signalling that he'd been impeded before the ball had crossed the line.

“I felt I was impeded," said Evans. "I felt I'd been tripped. I felt I was going to be able to take another step and clear the ball. Obviously you never how it's going to appear on the screen.

"I appealed straight to the referee at the time. He didn't blow his whistle. He'd be waiting for it to be checked.

"So I think for VAR to overturn a decision like that, they would have to feel it was pretty much nailed on a correct call.

"I certainly felt it was a correct call. It came off my chest and I felt like taking another step I would have been able to clear the ball. It came off my chest so it's not going to be travelling very fast.

"I think it came off Wood's foot onto my chest. Obviously I can't see into the future but I felt at the time that I would have got there.

"It's not many times they overturn things like that. Usually it's a case of handball or offside. I think it was the right call."

Replays showed that any contact made was minimal and unintentional. However, Wood, who had put the visitors ahead in the first half, doesn't believe it was enough to prohibit the defender from getting to the ball.

Moss, still undecided, awaited news from his ear-piece. In the end Andrew Madley, based at the VAR Hub at Stockley Park, gave confirmation that there had been an infringement.

“In my eyes it should stand," he said. "It’s a goal. Looking back, yes, there is a little accidental clip.

“But my eyes are looking at the ball, straight ahead or up, nowhere near him.

“I don’t break stride and by the time the clip happens, the ball’s basically on the line, if not in.

“There’s no way of him clearing it so in my opinion it should stand. It’s not a clear and obvious foul to over-rule. A little bit of contact can be accidental."

He added: “We have seen challenges in the box where there has been contact and penalties haven’t been given and things like that.

“It’s just the way of the world that not every contact is a foul.

“The only ones that were really complaining were Jonny Evans and Kasper a bit.

“Of course, he (Evans) he doesn’t want to concede an own-goal in the 85th-minute or whichever it was, so he’s going to be adamant that something happened.“I didn’t think at all it could be over-turned because if there was contact it’s happened so late and there’s no way he was clearing it off the line."