Clarets boss has no regrets despite drop

Sean Dyche
Sean Dyche

Clarets boss Sean Dyche has no regrets about how he and Burnley have gone about their business this season.

Burnley were relegated despite the 1-0 win at Hull City on Saturday, and Dyche is convinced the side gave everything to achieve the impossible and defy the pundits.

We’ve not tried to shut up shop, we’ve taken every game on

Sean Dyche

Dyche said: “No regrets, absolutely none. There’s learning, thought and making sense of things, and there’s things I’d move forward and have learned from this division, and how I operate, but I don’t really do regrets. What’s the point?

“You have to move forward, what’s been done has been done, my main clarity of my thoughts is, if it goes wrong, then you’ve got to know you’ve given it all and done everything you need to do to try and do it.

“We’ve done that, there’s no regrets in that, we’ve not tried to shut up shop, we’ve taken every game on.

“If it goes wrong, it’s worse if you have that nagging doubt, but we’ve had a go, that’s for sure.

“Unfortunately in the key moments, we haven’t found the clarity to win.”

Ultimately, quality has been the difference, and Dyche feels tactically the players made a great fist of things: “We’ve played two up front, some say it’s an old fashioned 4-4-2, which I’m always amazed at, but tactically I’ve been really pleased with the players and how they’ve delivered it, energy wise – everyone said we couldn’t keep doing it, well.

“And the way they’ve gone about it mentally has been excellent. The defining moment has been moments of real quality and clarity in key moments in games – some of that comes with experience, of learning how and when to deliver it, because they have talent, there’s no two ways about that, and that’s been the defining moment.

“Every football fan virtually knows the truth of a game is the organisation, the will and demand, but there also has to be moments of quality, to score goals and win games.”