Dyche hopes to see diving punished

Sean Dyche
Sean Dyche

Clarets boss Sean Dyche has spoken of his desire to see retrospective bans for diving in football.

Dyche, speaking at the Leaders Sport Business Summit at Stamford Bridge last week, believes the time has come to use video evidence to bring culprits to account.

He feels the prospect of suspensions for simulation would help eradicate what he feels is essentially “cheating.”

Dyche said: ‘I would introduce retrospective bans for cheating.

‘It’s got to be looked at.

“Some dives are being applauded now.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s very, very difficult for referees.

‘A striker can drop in the box and not get banned.

“It can decide results. Have a panel who look at it, get all the angles.

‘It would cut it out very, very quickly.

“It would disappear because managers would say to their best players: ‘I can’t afford to lose you for three matches.’

‘It used to be frowned on. Now it’s weirdly accepted. It’s almost applauded. But cheating is cheating.”

Dyche spoke at the event, which took place on Wednesday and Thursday.

The summit brings together top industry influencers to share ideas, spark discussions and build relationships capable of helping shape the future of sport.

Also speaking were Chelsea goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer, Olympic diver Tom Daley, former Swansea and Leicester boss Paulo Sousa - now in charge at Champions League qualifiers FC Basle, Sir David Brailsford, Christian Seifert - CEO of the Bundesliga, James Pallotta - owner of AS Roma, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge - legendary German striker chairman of Bayern Munich, and Gianni Infantino, General Secretary of UEFA.