Burnley boss Dyche ready for latest ‘restart’

Clarets boss Sean Dyche knows full well each season starts with a clean slate.

Saturday, 18th May 2019, 8:45 am
Sean Dyche

But he hopes to use the lessons from one of his most testing campaigns to push the club forward again.

Despite finishing seventh in 2017/18, Dyche expected last term to be a challenging one, with the extra complication of Europa League football.

And so it proved, taking only 12 points from the first 19 games.

However, Burnley then took 28 from the next 16 to secure safety, before ending with three defeats.

Dyche will look at what happened over the season in detail, and see what he can use to make sure Burnley don’t suffer a similar start again: "I think you first want to speak with the players about the season, which we will do, speak with the staff, and try and define the varying challenges which came our way, and the things we can be responsible for.

"Certain things are out of our control, obviously, game scheduling and stuff like that.

"What we've learned from the start we had, lots of games, lots of travel, feedback from the players, possible recruitment, and you mould it all back together and have a look at it and go 'right, what are we going to need to do to move it forward?'

"But there is no guarantees for the next season, no matter how you finish it.

"Every season will be a challenge for Burnley Football Club in the Premier League, because it's highly unlikely the chairman will give me an open chequebook and tell me to go and get who I want.

"So therefore we continue to develop the side, individuals, like Dwight, Charlie Taylor, and try and add accordingly at the right level that works.

"It all sounds easy, but it's not.

"Every season is a restart.

"This season was a restart, it doesn't naturally fall into place and we move forward, if it does, great, but it's highly unlikely.

"We have to earn everything we get and always have done.”