No limits for Dyche’s Clarets

Same mantra: It remains a case of 'one game at a time' for Clarets boss Sean Dyche in the Premier League
Same mantra: It remains a case of 'one game at a time' for Clarets boss Sean Dyche in the Premier League
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Clarets boss Sean Dyche won’t be setting his players a minimum target of 17th place in the Premier League.

Survival would be a remarkable season for Burnley, having finished 18th in their last campaign in the top flight in 2009/10, which saw them relegated with 30 points.

However, just as last summer, when Dyche’s aim, publically at least, was to be competitive in the Championship, he doesn’t want to put a ceiling on what his players can achieve in more exalted company.

Asked about targets in the Premier League, he said: “I don’t think either way - you can limit either way.

“There might have been people who said last year that their marker is the play-offs, but we certainly weren’t because you can limit people with that.

“I said that at the beginning of last season.

“Every manager will have their feel of ‘soft psychology’ as I call it.

“We’re not trained psychologists, but you have a feel for the psychology of an individual and a team.

“And I just always thought when we start talking in cycles and markers and achieving this, that or the other, it can be good in a way that it gives you focus and a goal, but it can also be constraining.

“Sometimes people hit the marker and then they’re confused, thinking they’ve done what they’ve meant to do, only to be told ‘no you haven’t, there’s more to come’.

“So we just leave it open.”

So Dyche’s “one game at a time” mantra, which served him and his players so well on their way to securing runners-up spot in the Championship and promotion, will remain in place against the big boys in the Premier League: “The ‘one game at a time’ thing that’s been strapped to us from last season is still relevant, whatever way you look at it.

“You can only do it one game at a time.

“Our first marker will be getting ready in pre-season to hit the first game and operate from thereon in.

“We’ll build from what we’ve delivered in the past season and add to that to take into the new season..

“I have my beliefs and the staff follow my beliefs and the team have done that.”

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