The Iceman cometh!

Joey Barton with Wim Hof
Joey Barton with Wim Hof
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"The Iceman” visited the Burnley squad at the Barnfield Training Centre on Tuesday.

Dutchman Wim Hof has earned the nickname for his ability to withstand extreme cold, due to exposure to cold, meditation and breathing techniques.

He holds 26 world records, including a world record for longest ice bath.

The 57-year-old passes on the health benefits of his breathing techniques, and Burnley took the opportunity to look at his alternative methods of focus, as they enter the final six games of the season and bid to preserve their Premier League status.

Boss Sean Dyche explained: “We’ve known about Wim for some time, it was just something different for the players.

“Mark Howard (Head of Sports Science) had seen him and established a connection.

“It was about player welfare, the health side of things.

“He does body control – he is a world record holder, they call him the Iceman, he controls his inner core and nervous system.

“It’s about a feelgood factor, with breathing techniques, cold therapy, ice baths, so it was a different insight, and he’s a real character.

“There were a number of different things about focus, athletic well being and performance well being, so it was interesting."