All Blacks punished for slips

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LAST Saturday saw Colne travel to Warrington to face Eagle and try and score a second victory after last week’s brilliant performance.

After last year’s tradition of starting every game at a slow pace and playing catch-up rugby, Colne have proved they can compete from the beginning.

A fantastic catch from Jordan Sunderland sent the All Blacks into the game with force, quickly backed up as Adam Padgett took the ball on a 22-metre run through the middle of the defensive line.

The team were showing good communication and teamwork throughout the first half, with some good footwork from a newly-returned Luke Cockcroft, and a lightning fast Matty Tindall, allowing Colne to batter against a very experienced Eagle side.

Yet more excellent work from Jack Wiper as flanker, playing his usual tackle and pinch tactic, led to him being given a rather well-placed punch to his right eye, resulting in a yellow card for Eagle and a very early substitution for Colne.

This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the game with Eagle battering a much younger Colne side with heavy-fisted play.

Colne never gave up though, with some bone crunching runs being made by Rob Demeter, and quick securing by second row skipper Mark Britcliffe, and fast hands in the backs constantly aiding in try-scoring opportunities, only for little slips or mistakes to thwart the scoreline, which showed with two interception tries which cost the All Blacks 14 points.

The scoreline flattered the Warrington side as Colne had much more possession and were the better side throughout the game .

It was a promising weekend from the Colne side that showed lots of potential and so much more pride for their club.

Colne have set out to a slow start this year with a very young side, and have done well to compete against the experience they have come up against this year.

They just need to keep their heads up and the team spirit flowing, and there’s no doubt they will be competing soon enough.

Colne now face Clitheroe at the weekend who also have been struggling to find their form.

FINAL SCORE: Eagle 40, Colne and Nelson 13