Atif ready to avenge debut disappointment

Nelson pro boxer Atif Mushtaq
Nelson pro boxer Atif Mushtaq

Nelson boxer Atif Mushtaq is eager to avenge the disappointment of his professional debut next month.

The 25-year-old had a forlorn expression on his face once referee John Latham announced that his bow with journeyman Kristian Laight had been scored a draw.

But Mushtaq will be returning to Bolton’s De Vere Whites venue on October 12th to prove those ringside that the result of his previous outing was an anomaly.

“I’ve got the rematch,” he said. “We’ve pushed for it so now I just want to get in there and finish the job properly this time. I can’t afford to leave it to the judges. One thing I learnt from my debut was to be busier in the rounds. I knew I was winning that fight so I took it easier in the final round. I can’t rely on points.

“It was a bit of a knock back and I was devastated. I knew that I had done enough to win the fight so I wanted the rematch for peace of mind and to avenge the outcome. I’m determined to beat him this time and get that win on my record.”

Mushtaq has acquired the services of personal trainer Ash Alderson in a bid to step up stamina and condition while embarking on his usual training camp with former pro fighter Stuart McFadyen. Now Mushtaq admits he can already feel the difference in performance.

“I’ve trained harder this time and I’ve been more dedicated and committed,” he declared. “I got a personal trainer in now to do strength and conditioning. There’s a lot of plyometrics and explosive training circuits. There’s a lot of stamina and endurance workouts and weighted exercises to help improve my power.

“I’m feeling good and sharp and my fitness has come on leaps and bounds, especially with Ash on board. I’m feeling strong and my weight is coming off. I can’t wait to get that win.

“Everything is perfect and the camp is going really well. He left himself wide open for body shots for body shots before and always had his right hand down so I’ll be looking to exploit his body more and work to the head. He had a jab but not much of a punch and he kept switching stance so I’ve been training southpaw on the bag and pads as well.”

Mushtaq would like to thank North West Door Security and for their sponsorship and support. Anybody interested in purchasing tickets for the event can call 07549928180.