Burnley RUFC brushed aside by Trafford

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Burnley were washed away at Holden Road in atrocious conditions last Saturday against Trafford.

The home side never got to grips with the slippery surface and were unable to adapt their tactics, unlike the impressive visitors.

Burnley dominated an error-strewn opening quarter but were unable to unlock a well-marshalled Trafford defence.

Losing skipper Nino Angelone to an early injury robbed the home side of one of their better forwards and hindered the cause.

Burnley were making too many forced errors in critical situations and weren’t exerting enough pressure on the visitors’ half backs.

Add to this a tendency to give away too many penalties away, then Burnley were always going to struggle.

When Burnley transgressed, Trafford skipper and ace goal kicker Ben Wheeler punished Burnley on three occasions.

Some poor tackling allowed the visitors’ winger to score before Burnley finally rallied and Luca Angelone drove over. Hugo Lever added the conversion as Burnley trailed 14-7 at the break.

The second half was a sorry tale as Burnley couldn’t secure any good ball or build any momentum.

Their kicking was ineffective and they gave good ball straight to the visitors, and an early converted try and an audacious drop goal merely confirmed that this wasn’t going to be Burnley’s day.

With Burnley trying to force the game, their forwards were taking the ball too far, getting isolated or failing to pass, which allowed the visitors’ back row to slow down any attacks.

The visitors continued to run at Burnley and showed why they are many peoples’ favourites to win the league with some fine handling which belied the conditions.

Young Chris Baxendale made a good impact when he came on with a couple of fine runs.

A Richard Murray score was too late and showed what might have been possible with better execution and more accurate kicking, and Burnley will need to do some hard work on the training field this week, but with plenty of players to come back they still have plenty of options.

The final score was 53-12.