Family affair for Ormerods in Cue draw

Tony Arnott, Mark Salmon and Keith Ormerod.
Tony Arnott, Mark Salmon and Keith Ormerod.

THE search for Burnley and Pendle’s top cueist has reached the first round proper.

The draw for the Moorhouse’s Golden Cue, made at Nelson’s Alexandra Snooker Club by owner Keith Ormerod and Mark Salmon, sees Ormerod face his father in a family affair.

Reigning champion Farakh Ajaib faces Gary Millar.

The draw is: S. Luke (Dickie Pinks), Small +10 v K. Nyari (Worsthorne), Small, +15; S. Blackwell (Padiham) Large +15 v D. Howe (ILSC) Large SCR; D. McKavett (Paradise) Small +20 v J. O’Callaghan (Loveclough) +15; J Moorhead (Bly League) +15 v N. Kershaw (Unity) Large +20; E. Hall (Colne Legion Club) Large +20 v G. Brelsford (Loveclough WMC) Small +5; J. Stephenson (ILSC) Large +30 v P. Selby (Bly SC) Large +10; L. Edmondson (ILSC) Large +15 v P. Wright (Unity) Large +15; P. Townson (Alexandra) Large + 30 v B. Allen (Bly SC) Large +5; K. Catlow (Dickies) Small +15 v J. Clark (Padiham SC) + 5; S. Ashworth (ILSC) Large +20 v A. Greenwood (Worsthorne) Small +10; J. Linguard (Colne SC) Large +10 v S. Greenwood (Barnoldswick Legion) Large +10; J. Sanderson (Lowerhouse) Large +25 v H. Murtaugh (Lowerhouse) Large +30; J. S. Dillon (Colne Legion) Large +30 v A. Bates (Lamb Club) Small +15; M. Kaley (Dickies) Small +20 v N. Murtaugh (Lowerhouse) Large +5; J. Marshall (Crosshills) Large +5 v N. McGovern (ILSC) Small +15; A. Goody (Pad WMC) Small +15 v H. Ingham (Miners) +5; A. Dibb (ILSC) Large +5 v R. Large (Read Con) Large SCR; P. Rinaldi (Padiham) Large SCR bye; F. Ajaib (Padiham) Large SCR v G. Millar (Unity) Large +20; L. Atkinson (ILSC) Large +15 v J. Foster (LMS Skipton) Large +5; S. Bradburn (Green St) Small v T. Sutcliffe (ILSC) Large +30; R. Bewley (Colne Legion) Large +10 v C. Ashton (Bly SC) Large + 5; S. Lawless (Colne Legion) Large +5 v J. Southern (Green Street) Small +5; K. Ormerod Jnr (Alexandra) Small +5 v K. Ormerod Snr (Alexandra) Small +20; A. Harris (ILSC) Small +20 v T. Arnott (Colne Brit Legion) Large SCR; D. Paton (Colne Union) Large +5 v P. Clegg Clitheroe Con) +15; P. Mercer (Low Moor) Small SCR v B. Redman (Colne Legion) Large +10; C. Docherty (Canteen) Large +15 v R. Laycock (Ighten Leigh) Large +30; S. Greenall (Padiham SC) Large SCR v P. Doyle (Colne SC) +5; B. Ellis (Paradise) Small +15 v G. Stansfield (British Rail) Small +15; J. Waddington (Lamb Club) Small SCR v E. Emery (Colne SC) Large +10; M. Salmon (Strategy Skipton) Large +5 v D. Emmott (Colne Legion) Large SCR.