Fiona is a medal winner

Fiona Head
Fiona Head
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Pendle Forest veteran Fiona Head represented the North Over 50s in the England Hockey Regional Tournament over the weekend in Wakefield.

And she came away with a winners’ medal.

Fiona scored in a 2-0 win over the South, before the East were beaten 3-0. The West inflicted a 2-0 defeat on the North, who then beat the Midlands 4-0, with Fiona netting twice.

The previous week, Fiona played in the North Over 50s Masters team against Scotland and lost 2-1, while Cathy Waters played in the North Over 40s Masters team against Scotland and enjoyed a 3-1 win.

Harriet Ashworth, Freya Bythell and Thea Cormack represented Lancashire Under 14s against West Cheshire, Merseyside and East Cheshire. They lost 1-0 against West Cheshire, but beat Merseyside, with Freya and Harriet scoring, andEast Cheshire, with Thea on target.