Fisher-More pair earn Manchester selection

Freya Bythell and Thea Cormack
Freya Bythell and Thea Cormack
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After a hard summer of training at the Manchester Junior Regional Performance Centre, Pendle Forest and Fishe-More duo Freya Bythell and Thea Cormack have been selected to represent Manchester U16s.

The pair will play in two competition days against Leeds and Durham in Wakefield.

This is the next step on the England Hockey Single System Pathway, which could result in the girls representing the North of England (Pennine Pumas), and then ultimately the National side.

On Sunday both girls put in sterling performances in a 0-0 draw with Leeds, followed by a dominant 4-1 victory against Durham.

They head to Wakefield again this Sunday, before possible selection to Pennine Pumas takes place next week.

Meanwhile, Pendle Forest played their last warm-up game against Wilmslow at the weekend.

Not long into the game, Forest were awarded a penalty corner, which Lisa Crewe slipped to Cathy Killgallon for her to fire home.

Forest switched the ball well and found spaces in the midfield, and a mirrored manoeuvre saw Forest 2-0 up.

Wilmslow were given two penalty corner chances, but failed to convert.

Laura Kendall was then tested on the line with a reverse stick lob, but dealt with it easily.

Karen Wignall kept niggling away at the oppositon keeper and almost scored when a pass from Thea Cormack found her flat outstretched stick, and Freya Bythell was at the right post to seal the move.

In the last few minutes, Kendall made an awesome reflex save with her stick to allow Forest to come away with a 3- 0 win.

The first league fixture is tomorrow at home to Liverpool Uni at 11-30 a.m.

Pendle Forest’s third team got their season off and running with a friendly against old adversaries Brookfields at Witton Park.

Debs Batley up front linked in with Emma Ziegloser for a great pass and move, and only great acrobatics from the keeper kept them out.

When Brookfields broke, the Forest defence worked well, with the returning Lehanna Taylor at centre back putting in some good tackles.

Forest’s best work came from centre midfield, with player of the match Rachael O’Brien and Amy Greenwood working well.

Forest’s only goal of the first half came after O’Brien received the ball from defence, before spreading it wide for Emily Dunleavy on the right.

Dunleavy cruised into the D to shoot. Brookfields got a stick to the ball but could not prevent it going over the line.

In the second half, but a penalty corner was hit out by Dee McInnes to O’Brien, who stopped the ball and neatly slipped left to Rosie Southworth, who blasted the ball goalwards. The keeper saved but the ball fell back to McInnes, who lifted it over the heads of the defenders and in.